This moment

  A moment to nurture the mother. To nurture myself. Yin and sound healing at a favourite place, luxuriating in the fact that this is something I can do with ease these days and accepting the knowledge that everything will change once again in a few months. Inspired by Owlet Mama

Finding the bliss within Christmas

Originally written for Australia Yoga Teacher Training. You can read it, and more ponderings about life, motherhood and the lessons of yoga here. I stand in the middle of the shopping centre, a carefully curated shopping list saved in my phone, that week’s audiobook playing in my ears. β€œOK, let’s do this” I say to… Continue reading Finding the bliss within Christmas


It's official. I've reached a point in my life when I'm no longer entirely certain about my age. Now when I'm asked my age, I find I have to do the maths in my head and hope it's right. I guess after passing the 30th milestone, everything has started to blur a little. Nevertheless, despite… Continue reading 34