Making: plans to go camping again soon. After Imbil we’re all very keen to make this a regular occurence.

Cooking: Nothing new really. I’ve been relying on old favourites a lot at the moment. Steve has been jumping in the kitchen when he can – normally on the weekends as we now eat dinner a 5pm with the baby. My favourite meal so far has been a pho he made after some friends did the heavy lifting and cooked the broth for 36 hours before dropping some to us. #winning

Drinking: So much strong milky tea. The love affair continues. Steve also stumbled upon a great drink: Ink Gin with tonic, ruby grapefruit and thyme. So good.

Reading: The Girl in the Spider’s Web. It’s been too long since I’ve read the original Millenium series, so I’m unsure if David Lagercrantz is successfully carrying on Stieg Larson’s narrative, but I’m enjoying it. I also finished Little Fires Everywhere (good but left me with many questions) and The Quarterly Essay by Annabel Crabb. The latter left me angry but it was also very pertinent to me in this time of life.

Wanting: A pool! Or a creek in our backyard. Basically anything that would allow us to swim without trekking to get there.

Looking: At toys everywhere. As we move back into normal life rhythm and away from holiday mode we’re also having less screen time and more time playing. It’s fun but so messy.

Playing: I’m changing this prompt to wanting to play: Uno, scrabble or chess. Also a lot of Transformers, dinosaurs and dogs. Thanks Jman.

Deciding: What to do in our now open weeks. Steve has gone back to work so there’s a lot of white space in our days. We’ve been filling it with park time, some pilates classes, lots of baking and swimming.

Wishing: We weren’t already having tricky conversations with our three-year-old about bushfires, drought, and sustainability. He’s on board with our day to day life (because to him it’s normal) but he’s confused about why Steve and I get so excited by rain clouds looming.

Enjoying: The long summer afternoons and hot cups of tea. Also reading.

Waiting: For Steve’s smoked eggplant meatballs to cook. Very literal around here today.

Liking: The surprise plants my compost keeps throwing at us. We’re now watching as a pumpkin vine blooms. Luckily the thyme bush is also going crazy, so I can possibly bully Steve into making his pumpkin and thyme scones.

Buying: Far too many bananas. There will be many smoothies and banana breads in our future. Other than that, not too much actually as the house deposit saving continues.

Watching: season 2 of Sex Education, and season 3 of The Marvellous Mrs Maisel. Both are excellent.

Cringing: Once again at our Federal Government and the response to the bushfires.

Smelling: Mangoes. There’s a full bag of them sitting on the kitchen bench. I probably should slice them up and put them in the freezer for smoothies and sorbet.

Wearing: Togs, active wear or shorts and shirts. It’s too hot for anything else.

Sorting: Out all our clutter. Selling a lot on, donating some to op shops (although I’ve heard only 10 per cent of donations are actually sold, so maybe there needs to be a plan B). It feels very cathartic.

Getting: mentally prepared for my return to the office next month. I’m both excited and apprehensive about the new level of busyness about to hit our family.

Feeling: Tired and stiff after a sweaty pilates class. Who am I kidding, the tiredness is from much more than that. Balancing a baby with a non-napping child is tricky and exhausting work. I’ve got so much admiration for the friends I’ve seen do this as well as return to full time work. My question is: how much caffeine/chocolate/smoothies gives you the required super powers?

Snacking: Medjool dates stuffed with almond butter, mangoes, smoothies, and chocolate. These make me a better human.

Hearing: Talking Tastebuds, Led Zeppelin and a fair whack of Cannonball Adderley. And right now a lot of silence as two kids are napping and I’m taking the opportunity to type even though I should be napping too. Teething and the desire to crawl are not conducive to quiet nights.

Now over to you. How was your January?

Life posts inspired by Pip.

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