Cooking: A lot, but mostly on rotation. Pasta with lemon, tuna and spinach; pizzas; baked risottos. Our little house is hot so I’m not all that keen on turning on the oven, and combined with Steve working away for a fortnight late last year meant I went for solid favourites that were also easy to make.

Oh, also marshmallow pavlovas for Christmas. So easy to make and very delicious, which is more than can be said for my trying a new shortbread recipe. It looked good but was baaaaad.


Drinking: Right now, water. But a lot of tea – a lot of tea! Thanks to a teething babe – but also prosecco to bring in Christmas and the New Year, kombucha when I don’t fancy alcohol, and cider on hot afternoons when we decide a picnic dinner in the backyard is in order.

Reading: 2019 finished up on a good reading note. I flew through Kate Forsyth’s The Blue Rose and Madeline Miller’s Circe. Both were good, although I wasn’t as big a fan of the latter as others seem to be. I also finished To Love and Let Go and have almost finished Little Fires Everywhere after finding it at our local free book exchange. I think one of my quote unquote resolutions for 2020 will be reading a book a fortnight, because in reality life and work will inevitably collide and reduce the amount of time I can spend with my nose in a book.


Wanting: Does wanting Steve to have a longer holiday count? After Christmas there’s not a lot of “wants” in the bank. Maybe a second cup of tea and a long bike ride to clear out the fog of the above mentioned sick and teething baby who is feeding around the clock.

Deciding: What to take camping when we leave in a few days. It’s Jman’s first camping trip and my first in four years and I am so excited!

Wishing: I could do something more than just donate money to the bushfire cause. Despite the way we choose to live I still want to take more action to help the planet even more.

Enjoying: This extended family time. It’s been a tough last few months with T growing so much I can’t comfortably carry her for all her naps, and Jman needing more one-on-one time. These two are colliding and winding up in inevitable meltdowns all around come 5pm. It’s been great having Steve home and the extra set of hands is awesome too.

Loving: That I can now walk into our favourite cafe and ask for no single use plastics – and have the waitstaff get excited about it! Also family bike rides to the cafe are pretty excellent.


Pondering: What my resolutions will be for 2020. I don’t really believe in new year, new you resolutions but I do fancy a list of challenges to experiment with throughout the year. Perhaps I’ll do a post so I can remember them.

Considering: Whether to have a nap, a yoga flow session or lye on the couch and finish my book. It’s a kindy day, so T’s naptimes are somewhat luxurious free time for us. Update: we started to watch Tolkien instead.

Watching: Rosehaven. It’s my happy place. I also saw the new Little Women with some friends and we all cried throughout it. And Steve and I have binged on The Witcher as much as we can – half an episode here and there around a wakeful baby. It’s good, although took a while for me to understand and get into.

Cringing: At our Prime Minister and his handling of the climate emergency. ‘Nuff said.

Questioning: What else we can do in our lives to live a bit more lightly on the planet. There are days I feel we do plenty and that we just can’t do anymore, and then there are days that I feel as though we are barely doing a thing. It’s kind of exhausting, I won’t lie.

Smelling: The incense I lit earlier. It brings back memories of childhood holidays at Burleigh Heads.

Wearing: An op shopped men’s button up shirt I bought at a music festival at least 9 years ago, and denim overalls. Hashtag OOOTD – it’s a thing, check it out.

Following: Venetia Falconer and Max La Manna’s IG and YouTube accounts. I’m intrigued, especially since fast fashion is the next area of my life I want to tackle.

Noticing: Jman growing up so quickly. He now rarely asks to play imaginative games that act out his day-to-day life, which is how he used to work through things. Now we can talk things through with him, which is cool. It’s also kind of exhausting because he has some big feelings these days, especially coming off the back of a holiday and the festive season.


Knowing: I need to ditch my phone for a while. It’s in my hands a bit too often, and as much as I love podcasts and capturing moments throughout our days it’s time for it to go away for a few days.

Thinking: About my return to work next month. I’m equally looking forward to it and recognising life will be pretty damn hectic for a while until we settle into a new rhythm. Also, it’s hot so it’s time for a swim as soon as the baby wakes.

Sorting: Through the endless piles of stuff in our house, listing some for sale and re-homing others.

Disliking: Our government. Once again. It’s time to do something because our country is quite literally burning.

Feeling: Tired, hot and happy. Holidays are brilliant.

Snacking: medjool dates stuffed with almond butter on repeat. Also fresh mangoes.

Hearing: People pottering around the neighbourhood. Lawns being mown, kids yelling to each other, some kookaburras. And a baby calling out so it’s time to put this away.

Life posts inspired by Heidi and Lauren

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