I’m not one to go in for the whole “new year (new decade), new you” kind of resolutions, being firmly of the mindset that you needn’t wait for January 1 to try something new. However, I do like the idea of looking forward and considering what it is I’d like to tackle or achieve in the coming year.

So here it is, my list of non-resolution resolutions divided up into things for me, things for both Steve and I, and what you’d find us eating if you popped by on a Saturday night.
For me

  • The pursuit of slow. Kids are pretty much the antithesis of slow, but at the same time force you into slow living. They fly around, swapping toys every few minutes before growing bored yet at the same time can make a 100m walk last an hour as they stop to watch ants scurrying, the shadows moving across the pavement, literally smelling each flower they pass. It can be amazing and frustrating at the same time.
    These past few months I’ve found myself asking Jman to wait for a bit, to let me finish XYZ so we can play. Basically saying no in a variety of ways. So I hereby resolve to embracing the slow, to letting the jobs wait a little longer and saying yes to playing a bit more.
  • So long fast fashion. We can say no to single use plastics all we want, make our own beauty products, and buy our food at farmers markets but there’s no denying fast fashion is still the pits when it comes to environmental damage. It’s rare I buy new clothing – I really do hate shopping centres – but for those occasions I do I’m going to hit up my local op shops and secondhand websites first.
  • Just for funsies. I may only make it through five pages of my book each night before needing to sleep, but I’m going to attempt to tackle reading a new book each fortnight. This little corner of the interwebs will also get a bit more love as I’m currently dreaming of all the writing I want to do but am having trouble finding time for.

For us

  • Holidays and time together. Once upon a time Steve and I had an agreement to show our passports some love each year. It was glorious. So 2020 will mean more time in tents, at beaches, up in the mountains together as a family.
  • Movement. When I say movement, I don’t mean of a pounding the pavement nature, but more of a playing and moving way. Family bike rides, waterfall swims, hikes, days spent playing beach cricket. All the good stuff.
  • Be adults. Our year with a second baby is drawing to a close. Already we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, when things are a little less hectic and T and I aren’t tied as closely by breastfeeding. (The girl loves to eat so I’m already loving heading off for a yoga class, lunch with friends, movie or massage.) So a regular date night would be a dream.

In the kitchen

I’m no cook, and I’m not going to pretend to be one, but I do love cooking good food and all that entails – here it’s normally good music on and all of us gathered together while Steve or I cook away with Jman in his learning tower and assisting us. But despite our love of food we do have meals and snacks on rotation that’s getting a little stale. What’s more, more often than not we’ve discovered that making something from scratch is much easier than we expected it to be – I’m looking at you pizza dough.

  • Pastry. I’ve got a serious soft spot for pies and apple pies in particular. But I’ve never tackled making my own shortcrust pastry after being told it is finicky.
  • Pasta. Spoiler alert, we’ve actually made our own pasta before and it was delicious, but it’s something I’d like to make on a more regular basis.
  • Up the plants. I enjoy meat, but when Steve isn’t around I swing from vegan to pescatarian and back when preparing our meals. Plants make me feel my best. However, my vego cooking repertoire is pretty limited.
  • Meat. I asked Steve how he’d like to get his cook on this year and he said “more barbecuing”. The man is obsessed. While I’m sitting on my yoga mat of a night he’s researching barbecuing methods.

So there you go. It’s a small list, but one I’m looking forward to tackling throughout the year.

Did you make any resolutions?

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