Somehow we’re already in August. The spring flowers are blooming, the days are warm and lengthening, the beach is calling and the baby on my lap has somehow morphed from a snoozy newborn to a five-month-old full of stories and frustrations about how hard it is to sit up solo. 

Making: or attempting to make more placemats and some hankies. I am so not a whiz on the sewing machine.

Cooking: lacking inspiration here. Lots of pizza, pasta and pies. Perhaps I’ll try Veggie Mama’s mushroom stroganoff. At the moment I spend most of my meal planning time bookmarking food I want Steve to cook me.

Drinking: right now a chamomile tea because the final winter winds are here and it is COLD.

Reading: I Capture the Castle, The Period Repair Manual, Dolly Alderton’s Everything I know about love; Claire Baker’s Adore Your Cycle. And it’s technically not reading but the audiobooks The Family Law, Jane Harper’s The Dry, and Laura Jane Williams’ Becoming.

Wanting: to nap. I can’t. It’s a serious failing. Also the library copy of Three Women to become available.

Looking: for somewhere to stay for an upcoming beach wedding.

Playing: all our records. The Beatles, Benny Goodman, ’80s chart hits. Also random Spotify playlists that hit the spot.

Deciding: what to do tomorrow. Finding a balance between home days and socialising is tricky at the moment. One kid gets overstimulated if we’re out every day, the other needs movement and I’m somewhere between needing adult interaction and wanting to hibernate.

Wishing: an overseas trip was on the cards sometime soon. A picnic on the Seine in the sun, a bike ride through Berlin, an afternoon in a London pub or a week-long feast somewhere in Tuscany all sound pretty damn good about now.

Enjoying: the late winter sun, picnics in the backyard, good cheese on crusty bread eaten around the fire, days on the Bay before it gets too hot.

Waiting: for my brain to properly kick back into gear post baby. The urge to create is strong, the capability to do so isn’t.

Liking: feeling the strength and vitality returning to my body thanks to pilates, sweaty yoga and long walks.

Wondering: just how nuts my family think I am. I start each day with a meditation (done in the living room using headphones and with at least one child on me) before grooving out in the kitchen to a song while waiting for the kettle to boil or porridge to cook. It makes me feel fantastic but probably looks bizarre.

Loving: family bike rides. File that under aspects of parenthood I was looking forward to.

Pondering: when and where to go camping before it gets too hot.

Watching: literally – trees blowing in the mid August winds we always get. Also Life After; Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat; State of the Union; Bluey; and The Lion King. All are excellent.

Hoping: I can sneak away for a solo yoga class soon.

Cringing: at the writing that is emerging from my fingertips. Brain fog isn’t conducive to creativity.

Smelling: shrimp paste is lingering in the air from dinner. It’s equal parts delicious and really gross.

Wearing: jeans and knits. Every day.

Noticing: the days getting longer. I want to add an “already” to that.

Thinking: maternity leave is going too fast this time. I’m already almost halfway through.

Getting: free books from my local free book exchange. Huzzah!

Coveting: this garden (and the skill behind it).

Buying: a Le Creusset dutch oven from an antique store. We really didn’t need it but it was such a good find and will quite literally last long enough to be handed on to grandkids.

Feeling: tired and a little worn out. This normally happens when I’ve not focused on finding some solo stillness each day, or have eaten far too much chocolate let’s be honest.

Snacking: on everything. Fruit, homemade popcorn, cheese and crackers, almonds, hummus and veggie sticks, dark chocolate. So hungry all the time.

Hearing: Steve doing the dishes while I cuddle Jman to sleep.

Now to you. How was your month?

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