It’s halfway through August, so naturally it’s time to wrap up our third Plastic Free July. Sorry, time got away from me (you can thank the newborn for that!)

I have to admit this year was the easiest Plastic Free July yet, probably because in this neck of the woods most months are predominantly plastic free. I was nervous, heading into it this year because last year was such a shambles. However, I really shouldn’t have been as it was very much life as usual here, and the quote unquote slip ups we had during the month were embraced as learning experiences and, as Erin Rhoads said in this podcast, we can’t be the only ones changing.

I had two instances of actively choosing to bring single use plastic products into the house, both which revolved around having the choice between heading to a second (or third) bulk store to get what I needed, or taking home a plastic wrapped item and instead talking to the business about possible alternatives – I mean pasta sold in bulk is always going to be a great idea. So each time I went for the option that meant less crying coming from the back seat.

In fact the biggest change I/we made was jumping back on the MCN and cloth wipe wagon. We had used cloth nappies with our first child but I was feeling that all too familiar reticence about embracing the cloth life again this time. Did I really want to add yet more laundry to our load each week? But that’s the thing about the cloth life. Once you start you realise all over again not only how much easier it is, but all the other benefits: saving serious money, no stinky bins to take out, no quick runs to the shops while wrangling two kids because the nappies/wipes are almost gone. There were, however, plenty of adorably fat cloth baby bums to admire and pat. (Want some inspo? Click here).

So overall, this year was an enjoyable Plastic Free challenge filled with market mornings and breakfasts, live music, delicious produce bought after a chat with the farmer, and the realisation that I really can’t go to bulk food stores unsupervised because I can devour a startling amount of chocolate when it’s packed in one of my cloth bags.


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