It never gets exactly cold here, but it does become chilly enough to make a warm jumper, slippers and a fire seem like a great idea. So does long days spent on the beach, wandering markets or riding bikes outside. Baby snuggles are even more delicious and emerging from the fourth trimester feeling refreshed and happy was an added bonus. 

Cooking: All the solid favourites: pasta, pizza on homemade dough, Mexican bowls, slow-cooked goodness, plus cakes and biscuits with the aid of a little helper. Anything warm, grounding and nourishing is on the list.

Drinking: One gloriously strong, milky tea each morning; a lot of caffeine-free chai or rose and chamomile tea; sometimes a coffee; wine; warm water. And so many smoothies – not normally something I’d reach for in the cooler months, but it’s been a daily request from the  boy-child and I use it to sneak extra nutrients into both of us.

Reading: Our Stop, City of Girls, The Red Tent. I’ve also revisited The Art of Frugal Hedonism and A Family Gide to Waste Free Living in preparation for Plastic Free July. Online I’ve been scrolling here a lot lately.

Looking: At a hot, milky chai to my left, the top of a baby’s head – she’s sound asleep on my chest in the Ergo after a morning of disrupted sleeps – and a pile of MCN nappies in the basket that I need to stuff and put away at some point. Probably after a nap on the couch and a good period reading. Kindy days are the days things really happen/slow down around here.


Playing: A lot of Mamalina’s spotify playlists to add a bit of chill to our days. Or we simply hit explore in the search of new tunes. Kinderling radio has also been on a lot lately, thanks to the audiobooks. And, when the babes are asleep or absent, I’ve been hitting up the podcasts. Almost 30, Hack, BBC Women’s Hour, Conversations, a fair few nutrition and yoga based listens, Wild Power by Red School, Parental as Anything. All are excellent.

Dancing to: Formidable Vegetable at the Winter Solstice Festival. We decided we were at the stage when Jman was old enough to enjoy it and T was young enough to snooze away on my chest. We were right. As soon as we walked through the gates Jman ran to the first music he heard and started dancing, marvelled at the huge bonfire and lantern parade and quite literally got the crowd going when Formidable Vegetable took to the stage.


Deciding: What flowers to pop in the backyard to encourage a few more bee friend visitors. Any advice would be appreciated.

Wishing: Single use plastics were entirely optional. So far this July has been a lot better than last year’s Plastic Free July experience, but we still get caught out at times when we think we couldn’t possibly be given plastic so don’t think to ask for none.

Enjoying: Contradicting what I said above, but how normal living a low waste/single use plastic life is becoming. No one bats an eyelid at me anymore when I hand over my own KeeCup, container at the butcher, bag at the bakery. Also candlelit showers (or baths when possible) are amazing. #justsaying

Liking: How much easier and different the newborn stage is this time around. I’m no loner reaching for Google at 4am while I’m panicking about whatever I was panicking about like last time. There’s a distinct “we just have to get on with things” vibe this time, and we use whatever we need to enable that: wraps, carriers, cosleeping, zero plan days where we spend hours at the park; creating a rhythm to our weeks (but not days) so that chores also get done. Also calling in the troops, or visiting them, when I/we need a bit of respite.

Loving: Lazy beach holidays. A walk to the beach for a play and some morning tea, maybe an adventure in the afternoon but really just taking it slow. I think we need to up the chill level by camping soon.


Pondering: If we can move to Northern Rivers. Edit: nope. Exploring while driving around Byron Bay was fun but also disheartening.

Considering: Whether to put shoes on and walk to a park, head to Bunnings (because flowers) or to pull every toy out and get Jman playing. He’s getting better at playing by himself, although I do still get a car shoved into my hand a lot throughout the day.

Watching: Not a lot to be honest. When day naps happen Jman’s bedtime gets pushed back a lot, so it’s mainly music around here at night. But on the days when Jman does go to bed at a reasonable hour Steve and I have been watching Good Omens (excellent!) Fleabag, or some kitsch like Masterchef. I feel I should also point out we don’t stop Jman from watching TV, but rather limit it otherwise he gets ratty. It’s bizarre to see this angry kind of boredom mixed with the inability to do anything else rise up in him because it’s exactly how I feel when I have too much screen time.

Marvelling: At how amazing the human body is. Aside from the whole growing and birthing a child thing, that is. I’m currently working with a women’s health physio to make sure my pelvic floor and abs are recovering properly post baby, and it’s amazing to see the strength within my body grow. I mean, I can barely walk after my weekly pilates class, but that feels so good! Yes, I acknowledge I’m weird.

Needing: Another beach holiday. Ok, so that is more of a want than a need but it was delicious having Steve home for an extended period of time and beach is always a good idea.

Smelling: Dinner cooking. Oils wafting – peppermint because I’ve cut out caffeine after midday.

Wearing: Active wear. I’m now that person. Although it’s easier to run after the toddler and wear the baby when I’m in comfy clothes. And I did just get home from pilates, so maybe it’s not so nuts that I’m wearing it.

Noticing: The days getting longer already. The afternoons are now spent watching all the neighbourhood kids ride their bikes and scooters together, and we are getting a good run in now.


Thinking: This monthly round up is fair too wholesome (and despite appearances Steve and I still love a good glass of wine with a delicious meal). Maybe it’s time for a sneaky bevvie at our local pub.

Admiring: The ladies in my life. It’s an ongoing thing. You know, those people I can send a “is it OK to drink wine at 3pm/devour a block of chocolate because the toddler is acting like a toddler /the baby is being ultra fussy/ I feel like one” messages to. Or ask what they’re reading, or even just send a funny GIF too and carry on with your day. Yeah they’re awesome.

Opening: A lot of YouTube videos about how to sew. It’s time to finally break my machine out of the box and get creating.

Feeling: Tired, sore and happy. Bushwalks while baby wearing are no joke. And I was walking behind Steve who was carrying Jman on his shoulders, so I don’t want to think about how he is feeling today.


Snacking: Dark chocolate. Fruit. Cheese on bread. Sultanas. I sometimes feel like I never stop eating #thatsbreastfeedingforyou

Hearing: Baby gurgles and toddler laughter to the soundtrack of Playschool. My fave from my childhood and I’m trying to indoctrinate the kids. I think Jman is on to me though, because Paw Patrol is still his firm favourite.


How did the month treat you?

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