Once again, I wish I’d kept notes throughout my third trimester. I always found myself thinking “I should write this down” but then convinced myself I’d remember. Yeah, the thing about growing babies is they diminish your brain power.Write that stuff down folks!

But to be honest the third trimester passed in a blur of work, social engagments, more work, finalising my yin yoga training, physio appointments, a work trip away for Steve, and my baby blessing. My appetite remained a distant memory, as did my energy. Daily naps and yoga nidra were amazing, as were slow walks and yin yoga sessions by candelight, and Steve and I finally began to think about important things like packing a hospital bag, washing baby clothes and setting up the bassinet (which has now become a storage place for blankets. Very useful!)

The most prominent feeling to come to the fore during those final months was the desire to hibernate. To nestle in at home with my (mainly non-fiction) books, music and garden, to write in my journal rather than here and to relish those final few weeks with my little man who had suddenly morphed into the funniest and most loving little sidekick.


I did have the most beautiful baby blessing just after I finished up in the office with a few of my closest friends coming together to share stories about motherhood and birth, offering words of guidance and love.

The first time around I had a traditional baby shower, which was lovely. Lots of loved ones coming together to play games and to help us get all the necessities for a bub. Despite that, I’m just not a huge fan of forced fun and games and would much rather sit in ceremony with the smaller group of women who I leant on heavily throughout the fourth trimester with Jman.

There were flowers and crystals, meditation and candles, making bracelets with moon charms as well as a charm for me to take to the birth centre when the time came, and small gifts I used to create a bedside altar. All accompanied by loving mantras and advice. Then, to wrap up the day, afternoon tea and cake (because few things beat cake!)



There was also a distinct lack of photos being taken…

I can remember being very cynical about the first blessing I was invited to, but I really think there’s something incredibly special about honouring the mother, nourishing her
(and the father) and blessing the path ahead as opposed to being consumed with giving the baby “stuff”. The stuff can wait.

Even though it was my second time around, I left that afternoon feeling loved up and supported.

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