*written at the end of the month, when I had to keep reminding myself there was a pre- and post baby period to consider. Sorry in advance for being spaced out.

Making: A baby!

Cooking: The beginning of the month was filled with meals to stock the freezer. Think bolognese, risotto, chicken stock, pizza dough. Anything to make the first few weeks at home a bit easier. Since T arrived it’s mostly been Steve in the kitchen or meals dropped off by friends and family.

Drinking: Water, a little wine (sparkling or pinot noir please) and gin, a lot of herbal teas and one gloriously milky black tea each day. I’m finding that’s enough to interfere with my ability to nap, and any more leaves me overly wired. Sigh.

Reading: I’ve got my reading mojo back this month. I re-started the Harry Potter series, finishing The Chamber of Secrets while in the bath and trying to work out if I was in pre-labour – spoiler, I was – and since then I’ve finished The Clockmaker’s Daughter and picked up The Dark Tower to finally finish the series. It’s been a good reading month. I should say I like Kate Morton’s books but am always left feeling a little depressed. Stephen King is the antidote to that – all action and western/horror. Not my normal genre, but a good diversion.

Wanting: A few more hours in the day that we can dedicate to naps? A slight contradiction there, and to be honest bub #2 is a brilliant sleeper as long as we cosleep. I’m well aware that will most likely change, but working with her rather than fighting for what “should” be happening means we’re all much more rested than we were first time around. Also, more practically, new jeans for winter as all mine have stretched right out from too much love. I’d love to splurge on an Outland pair but that’s not really in the budget,

Looking: For houses. Again. The addition of a wee one has kickstarted the search for somewhere of our own, if only for more space to play in. I also think it boils down to we’re tired of renting and want our own space.

Playing: Toys. So many car games. Also a lot of Custard after discovering David MccCormack is the voice of Bandit in Bluey. And T’s birthing playlist is still on my regular rotation, much to Steve’s disgust. Far too much yoga mantra for his liking, and not enough Foo Fighters/Ella Fitzgerald/anything else.

Deciding: Where to go for a beach holiday before Steve goes back to work. Northern Rivers AKA home is calling but we’re also tossing up the Sunshine Coast or camping somewhere.

Enjoying: The newborn snuggles and first forty days rest. Drove me mad first time around, but sitting under a baby with a good book in hand and a cup of tea nearby is bliss. Ironically also all the pre-babysolo dates I was having. That was the hardest thing the first time around – suddenly I was never alone and, having a voracious breastfeeder and bottle refuser meant it was really hard to head out solo for more than an hour until he was a year old.


Waiting: See Looking above. Waiting for a house to pop up.

Loving: Having Steve home for so long. It’s pretty great.

Watching: Game of Thrones, like every one else. American Gods season 2; Scrubs; Our Planet; and a lot of Bluey. Steve and I also saw the last Avengers movie, with T being fantastic and snoozing on the boob the entire time.

Hoping: Our fairly seamless transition to a family of 4 continues, but I have a feeling reality will set in when Steve returns to the office and it’s me versus 2 kids. Jman has taken to being an older brother well, but he is still very young and has limited patience and big feelings.

Marvelling: Still at what the human body is capable of. Growing and birthing another being is kind of mind blowing when you think about it.

Smelling: Rose geranium oil wafting, freshly bathed kids next to me and, soon hopefully, a hot chamomile tea. Also, to be honest, I reek of baby vomit and breast milk. Not so lovely.

Wearing: Stretchy pj pants, comfy jeans, bamboody shirts. Turns out lounging around the house is my look.

Noticing: How fantastic my friends are. More than once I’ve opened the front door and found food, snacks and gorgeous books had been dropped. I love you guys.

Bookmarking: Veggie Mama’s blog. A whole new blog wormhole has arisen. Also this brownie recipe for when we’ve recovered sufficiently from Easter.

Feeling: Tired but content. Also a large urge to write, which shocked me because the newborn fog didn’t lift until 9 months with Jman whereas I’m here at 3 weeks itching to type away. And kinda overly full thanks to a long lunch at Lutece.

Snacking: On everything. I forgot how ravenous I get while breastfeeding. Dark chocolate, fresh fruit, yoghurt and granola, sultanas, cheese with a spectacular crunchy baguette. Everything.

Hearing: Rain outside, Steve snoring in the bedroom (I couldn’t nap, he could), Jman playing and the birds chirping in the trees.

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