I wanted to start this off with a preface – I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write about this pregnancy. I didn’t write about my first, although that was also because I had struggled to find my feet again on a travel blog once I landed back on Australian soil. But it was also because the whole mama tiger thing came roaring out. My son is his own person and when it comes to the internet and posting about him I respect that – and have asked others to as well. There is very little personal info about him here or on social media, and hopefully it will stay that way until he’s old enough to make the decision for himself.

Anyways, while mulling over that mama tiger urge versus the desire to write about my pregnancy, I found I did want to write about my pregnancy. I wanted to share the ups and downs and differences, all within the scope of my own experience. When it comes to the bub? Well I’m fairly sure very little personal info about them will find its way on here too, but only time will tell.

Surprise, you’re pregnant! Well, not actually a surprise since we had been actively trying to fall pregnant. But a negative pregnancy test on a Friday had me shrugging my shoulders in the afternoon and enjoying a few glasses of prosecco with my family on the Saturday. By Sunday when the normal symptoms of an impending period still hadn’t surfaced, but a few reminiscent of my last pregnancy had, I tested again. It was positive and I boogied at a Xavier Rudd concert that night with a smile on my face. A blood test on the Monday confirmed the good news, and there we were – soon to be a family of four.

It’s strange. My first pregnancy seemed to drag on forever. But add in a toddler, work, study and, you know, life, and it seemed we’d reached week 12 in a blink of an eye. We hadn’t told a soul, and once the few weeks of nausea passed (side note: I didn’t have this with Jasper, and I struggled through these three weeks until I linked it with dehydration. Anyone who had this for longer and was actually retching – you’re a freaking hero!) I forgot I was pregnant more often than, unless I was reminded by my pants becoming too tight or a uncomfortable twinge in my belly during a yoga pose. “Oh that’s right, I’m pregnant”.

Now here we are. Almost halfway through. Talking it through with a toddler who will excitedly announce to anyone there’s a baby in my tummy, but soundly rejects the idea of my breastfeeding. My and Steve’s excitement is building too, as is my nesting instinct. Turns out I’m probably the only person in the world who nests by selling/donating/giving away everything in the house. What can I say, clutter just bugs me. The “to buy” list has also been limited to a newborn wrap/carrier and a bassinet. There’s no need or desire to complicate it further than that.

Trying to balance a toddler with a newborn is going to be a big adjustment that’s for sure, but the timing just felt right. We knew we wanted another kid and this time there wasn’t any fear or trepidation going into the decision – possibly because we’re slightly more prepared for the demands of round-the-clock feeding and living the the co-sleeping/babywearing life. I’d say it’s primarily because we have a 2.5 year old who constantly blows our mind and cracks us up with the things he says and does and, once I got past the one and done stage brought on by the demands of constant breastfeeding and an infant who needed to literally be attached to me to feel safe (turns out the secret to this is surrender. He needed it. I could provide it), I was with Steve in wanting to do it again.
The other stuff

It’s hard not to compare pregnancies, but I also don’t want to make this a crazily long post. So with that in mind, here are the highlights of some of the other fun stuff.

Exercise: yoga, walking and swimming are feeling amazing. Actually all movement feels amazing. And in the interest of back health I’ve also started doing this video regularly. When it comes to hitting the mat if I have a toddler who is more interested in stealing my yoga mat than letting me practice, I will do this cardio video instead and save the yoga for when he’s asleep. Regardless, movement clears my head, unlocks my hips, makes my lower back happy and helps me to tune out and dive in. On a more technical note, labour is also likened to running a marathon and it’s important to build strength and stamina to not only help with the demands of childbirth but to also hasten recovery afterwards.

Food: Last pregnancy I was the foodie’s foodie. I’d see a picture of something and want it immediately. Grilled peaches in a salad, a pulled beef burger with slaw, giant salads decked out with the lot. You name it, I wanted it but nothing tasted as good as I thought it would. This time it seems to have gone the other way. Food just isn’t appealing and the few cravings I’ve had have been satisfied by a single bite and the thought of anymore was distinctly unappealing. More than once I’ve demanded a curry, nasi goreng, roast something for dinner and then pushed my plate to Steve.

Sleep: Ah sleep. I’ve been woken up every night by a toddler creeping in to have midnight cuddles so perhaps I’ve just become accustomed to sleep deprivation. Regardless this time I wasn’t hit by the exhaustion that had me climbing into bed at 8.30pm most nights like last time. However the insomnia that had me waking at 4am most mornings during my first trimester with Jasper has started to rear it’s head in the past week, albeit at 5.30am. But that I can handle. I cuddle my snoozing kid stretch my toes over to Steve so I can also cuddle him and then reach for my book or do a meditation. Me time it is.

So there we are. Perhaps from now on I’ll do regular check ins. Perhaps I’ll make it a monthly thing. Who knows?

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