It’s been a lovely winter. One drenched in the mellow yellow sunshine that is particularly Brisbane-esque, market trips and great reads. Slow days spent at home pottering in the garden, writing during naps or attempting to study or practice yoga while simultaneously being forced to give horse rides to an exuberant toddler.

But, and it feels silly writing this, I’m so ready for spring. For the sun to set a little later, for the house to be a littler warmer – whoever designed Queenslanders has a lot to answer for! – for trips to the beach and bay, with fish and chip picnics to resume with full gusto. Spring is MY time. I feel alive when the first flowers start to bloom and THOSE scents hit the air. 

So anyway, here’s to a good July.

Making: A lot of these slices in an attempt to have something healthy yet filling always on hand. Our days are pretty hectic at the moment. Steve works long hours and I juggle an office job with teaching yoga, more study, some freelance writing fun and being a mama. Having something we could reach for before rushing out the door that was more substantial than an apple has been great!

We’ve also been indoctrinated in Stephanie Alexander by a friend and Steve has been trying a few of her dishes during our Saturday night at-home date nights.

Drinking: Our little house is freezing in the mornings, so it’s been warm water for me, followed by tea or coffee, and kombucha in the evenings. My son has discovered a love for kombucha too, so we’ve had to start brewing it at home to even out his love with the cost of buying it. A nice red wine or jameson’s on the rocks is also going down nicely.

Reading: At the moment I’m halfway through All the Light We Cannot See after finding it at the book exchange. Beautiful, poetic yet also accessible. I often find books that win the BIG awards, and this one took out the Pulitzer, can be beautifully written but not the easiest to get through. I also finished American Gods (just read it) and have been eyeing off Jasper Fforde’s new book.

Wanting: Not a lot actually. I’ve noticed that Steve and I will both question purchases, and more often than not walk away to think about it – and never go back. So let’s say a holiday. Somewhere beachy and warm. Or maybe camping. Yes that’d do quite nicely.

Looking: For a new car to go with the daily house hunts. My enthusiasm for both is waning.

Playing: Lots of jazz and 1960s tunes – think the An Education soundtrack. Also Xavier Rudd’s newest album.

Enjoying: My Yin Yoga teacher training. I discovered yin last year when, truthfully, I was just exhausted but knew moving my body would help bring up my energy levels and clear my head (and that’s why I exercise in a nutshell). It’s so fascinating to dive into this practice, and feel my body open up in different ways to what I noticed when doing a lot of vinyasa. Solo afternoon walks are also amazing at the moment, as are the few fires we lit in the backyard. We’d sit around it until the sun set and just… be. As much as you can with a toddler near a fire.

Watching: the latest season of War on Waste, the TV series of American Gods, and lots of fantastic trashy action movies. Steve and I call them “traction” – and man they are good! Think The Crow , Bloodsport, San Andreas  and the like. Although we did recently throw The Untouchables in there. I’ve also finished Sense8 on netflix (loved it).

Wondering: How long the case of musical beds will continue  in our house. We’ve been blessed with a kid who will sleep long and soundly so long as mum, and more recently dad, is in cuddling distance. However squeezing two people into a single bed isn’t so much fun, and the three of us don’t comfortably fit into the big bed. Most of the time we’re OK with the nocturnal visits, but there are those moments that after a particularly wakeful night (hello molars, thanks for stopping by) when I’m on my second or third coffee that the mantra “this too shall pass” just doesn’t cut it.

Pondering: Whether we should book in a Fiji holiday, after mentioning the beach holiday above. We’re not really resort people, but a week island hopping sounds alluring.

Smelling: The roasted dandelion tea sitting to my left. i think I’m one of the few who genuinely enjoy this tea.

Bookmarking: This and this IG account. They’re IG stories are always fantastic. As well as this blog by my beautiful friend Belinda. Her words always stir me. I’ve also literally put bookmarks into Waste Not  and A Zero Waste Life in 30 Days  in the past month. I probably should add those to my reading list. Also this blog again. I love their approach to permaculture, zero waste living, and the writing and imagery in general.

Wearing: My standard uniform remains! Jeans and cons/ yoga pants and a big jumper forever! Although Steve and I have a fancy dinner out planned that may call for a dress! And heels! Maybe even make up!

Cringing: At the state of above mentioned jeans. I don’t normally buy clothes unless I need them – I really dislike shopping, and shopping centres in general –  but these jeans are well worn to a soft bagginess with ragged hems. I should probably do something about that. Maybe I’ll hit up a few op shops first? For some reason I love them.

Needing: See above, I guess.

Questioning: Our relationship with consumerism after watching the late War on Waste series, as well as planned obsolescence. So often we’re told we “need” to have things but when you really question it the bigger question of “why” normally arises. It’s probably worth investigating more.

Craving: Mexican food! Really good, spicy tex mex, don’t skimp on the guac. Also a nice cheesy bowl of risotto with a glass of prosecco.

Feeling: Tired but content, a little restless depending on the day, ambitious and creative. I should probably just write I feel like that Meredith Brooks song Bitch . “I’m a million different people all rolled into one”

Life inspired by Heidi (and in turn by Pip).

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