You know the feeling when a dear friend is about to introduce you to their significant other – you’re one part supportive, one part “I’ll come after you if you hurt them”. Yeah that was me when my friend Julia introduced me to her then-girlfriend, Chris.

But it took only minutes before Chris’s bubbly, sunshiney personality, big laugh and overlying gentleness had me eating out of her hand (and wondering if and how they could adopt me.)

Fast forward a few years – and an elopement – and Chris has become a veritable powerhouse of awesomeness. These days the meditation teacher and student offsets her days with designing an inclusive range of greeting and celebration cards through her business Two Brides Presents that you, frankly, want to frame and hang somewhere so it injects more smiles into your day.

Meet Chris!


Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hey, I’m Chris Eva born in Sydney on May the fourth be with you… I’m an ’80s kid with a love for rainbows, mixtapes, photography, simplicity and art in everyday life.

My background is in marketing and advertising, and now mindfulness meditation. I am both a student and teacher, learning heaps everyday, going with the flow and being grateful.

I met my muse Julz one day in July/August 2010 at Splendour in the Grass – the year it was at Woodford. It was such an awesome experience meeting for the first time and feeling such a strong connection with a total stranger who later became my wife.

In August 2015 we eloped, just the two of us, on Kailua Beach, Hawaii and had a rad wedding party back in Australia with our legendary family and friends.

Julz’s background is in film, stunting, martial arts, marketing and motorcycles. She’s a really cool person and I hope you meet her one day soon. I’m so proud to call her my wife.


Can you tell us about Two Brides Presents?

Two Brides Presents came about in 2015 after we got married. We were going through all the gifts and cards to write out thank you notes to everyone when we noticed that not one card we received really hit the mark. They were all just a little bit, well straight laced for us two gals if you catch my drift…

So we thought to ourselves “why is no one doing this? And, hey, we could totally do this!” So we decided to get our creativity on and explore this untapped world.

We learnt everything from scratch, started designing, bought our first printer and self-published our first collection of cards in December 2017, one week after marriage equality was achieved in Australia. Wooo! Soon after we launched our first range of prints and now have plans for loads more designs and products for the future.

Our aim is to make art for everyone! Our inclusive range of greeting cards, prints and designs are made to celebrate everyday life and momentous occasions no matter which way you swing.

All products are original artworks branded around people spreading lots of peace, love and good vibes, to make a positive impact in our community both locally and globally. Our cardstock is 100% Aussie made and we design and print all products in our little studio in Brisbane, Australia.

How have the initial few months been?

It’s been a really wild ride so far, and we’re having a blast doing something we love, so that is really cool.

We’ve been really lucky to connect with a heap of other small Aussie businesses and collaborators who love and support us. In just a few months we’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with Brisbane Queer Film Festival, had an article in Same Same Wedding Magazine, been featured on the walls of the Song Hotel in Sydney, and found our very first stockist – Junky Comics in West End, Brisbane.

All in all it’s been unreal creating a whole business from scratch and watching it grow. Thank you to everyone who has come along for the ride so far – we hope you stick around to watch us grow.


Where did your interest/love in design come from?

I’ve always loved photography and art and big, bold, bright rainbow colours, but it wasn’t until we got married in 2015 that my creative spark was ignited and Julz and I started thinking about creating our own cards.

We had just got married and were also attending a lot of engagements and weddings of other same sex couples and the sheer lack of options made us think, “hey maybe we could do something about this?” and so I decided to get my creativity on and started designing cards for all our friends and family who deserved more than just a random non-descript card on their special day. I started jotting down ideas, and then madly started Googling how to bring them to life, and it all grew from there.

What do you do to spark your creative interest?

I think in essence all of my designs represent something I would be excited to receive. I also get a lot of inspiration through meditation, and things that happen in everyday life and what’s in front of me.

Obviously parties, special occasions and events provide a lot of great inspiration for designs, along with memories and my passion for ’80s pop culture, retro feels and big, bright rainbow colours.

Do you have a favourite design that you’ve made?

Oooo this is gonna be a hard one! I do have a Top 10 though…

Happy Birthday Mixtape, Celebrate Rainbow Love, Swingin’ with you forever, Infinite Love, Love + Kisses, You are the Yin to my Yang , Lick Me Lick You, You’re my kinda vibes, Rainbow Peace, and I love your triangle.

What does a typical day look like for you? From conception to the end product and all the creative fun in between…

I like to start my day with some meditation that includes a gratitude list – that’s basically a list of things that I am grateful for that give a positive outlook for the day.

Over breakfast I’m usually checking out social media and trying to think of some content to put up for our #TwoBridesTribe. After that I head over to the computer and get started on a bit of work. I pretty much do everything, so my day can be made up of a lot of things like updating the website, keeping active on social media, contacting prospective new stockist, and of course making cards and prints.

There’s also always a lot of time spent brainstorming new ideas and creating the art work. This is the fun part, coming up with new ideas, and trying to turn them into new designs I would love to give to someone else and make their day.


Can you tell us one random fact about yourself?

One of the most therapeutic things I love to do is cut my own mane. The hair on my head is thick, big, bold, and beautiful.

When I was younger I had really short hair, played around with shaving one side and other styles. Around 2014 I decided I would grow it out until it reached my boobs, which I did for our wedding in 2015. I love the symbolism of it, cutting off the old and creating something new. If you cut it too short, no worries, it’ll grow back in two weeks. Happy days.

Where can we find your products?

We’ve got an online shop at + we’re also in one of our fave retail stores, Junky Comics (93 Vulture Street, West End, Brisbane). We’ll also be hitting up some markets too like Brisbane Pride Festival on September 22 at New Farm Park, so come and say hey.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I just want to say a BIG thank you to my wife, friends, family, the LGBTIQ+ community and all legendary peeps out there who have supported me along the way. We’re so proud that we have a way to spread the peace, love and good vibes through our art, and are so grateful that we get to share our journey with the whole Two Brides Tribe out there.

I hope one day my wife can leave her job and jump on board to build this business with me. So, thanks to Kylie (ed’s note – aw shucks!) and all of you out there for supporting our small biz and buying our art, we really appreciate it.

If you would like to check out what Chris does, and a little more of what Two Brides Presents is about, head to the online store at or connect via Instagram or Facebook.

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