Written in dribs and drabs over May and June when I have time – and remember this is here to be done. Ah well, good intentions and all that.

Making : A knitted woolen blanket. I can only knit one kind of stitch, and that leads to scarves. Many, many scarves. So in the interest of something else, and feeling cold I’ve decided to knit a lot of scarves and then sew them together to make a cosy blanket. Call it “creative” with quotation marks.
Also soups, stews, and lots of slow cooker goodness. I really do love winter eats, especially when paired with a glass of red wine.

Drinking: Not much changes here I feel. Lots of tea, coffee, plain hot water in a mug when I’m feeling chilly. In winter our house gets hardly any sun and turns into an ice box, so a warm mug is always welcome. A good hot cacao, maybe with a little turmeric and some medicinal mushies (for immune support) is also pretty wonderful. I bought the mushrooms in bulk when I was last in Byron Bay, so who knows what I’ll do once they’re gone.


Reading: American Gods. SO good, and yet I’m at such a loss at how to describe it. So I’ll leave it at just read it for yourself.

Looking: At material to cover our dining room chairs in. Such a grown up thing to do! Also for some new recipes for cold nights. Send any my way!

Playing: So Much Blossom Dearie. Also The Teskey Brothers. Spotify came through with those gems. I tend to put on a playlist and then let it run through similar artists, running for my phone when something I like comes on.

Wishing: For some chocolate. Nice and rich and dark. The cravings are real! Or one of these would be great too.


Enjoying: The slower days that winter has brought with it. After adding a third job to my already kinda crazy weeks I’ve been feeling a sense of overwhelm creeping up on me. Then, when I’ve written a to do list, I realise I’m not overwhelmed, just time poor. So rearranging our days and spending quieter times at home have been a god send for those times when the computer is on at 9pm, because it’s now #workwhenthebabesleeps.

Liking: The little plastic free/zero waste community I’ve fallen into here in Brisbane. Social media can be a great thing! So much support and inspiration at my fingertips.

Pondering: How this coming Plastic Free July will go. I’m currently feeling smug, but also fairly sure that the month will show us the sneaky things that have crept in. Also how much bulk honeycomb I’ll eat.

Buying: Does more yoga training count? I bit the bullet and signed up for my yin teacher training. Maybe a decent mat now I’m teaching regularly?


Watching: American Gods. Such a good TV series, although I’m now in a race to finish the book before the series overtakes me. Also, how great are libraries? We got the entire first season for a month.

Marvelling: At how quickly kids grow up. The other day I asked Jman to do something and got a “sure did!” in return. No idea when or where he picked that up. His comprehension in our conversations and his attempts to convey his thoughts are all incredible.

Needing: Not a lot. Maybe a hot chocolate while I finish this?

Wearing: Comfy jeans, a worn hoodie and new slippers. There are days when I see the stylishly dressed mums down the street and I resolve to change up my uniform. Then I go and climb a tree or something, and realise their shoes just wouldn’t be up for such an important job.


Bookmarking: This recipe. Nuff said.

Hearing: This podcast was pretty awesome. Also see new tunes above. I can’t rave enough about them.

Feeling: Tired. Happy. Content. Slightly lazy when I remember I need to plan two yoga classes for next week.  But I think a warm shower is calling my name right now.

Life inspired by Heidi (and in turn by Pip).

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