In just four weeks Plastic Free July will be kicking off, and Steve and I have already signed up for our second year.

It’s interesting noting how this little act last year helped to change and develop some of our every day habits – and how that sneaky little devil has crept back in as well.

In 2017 we pledged to avoid the big four: plastic bags, straws, bottles and coffee cups. This year we’re tackling this again, but personally I’ll also be tackling avoiding all single use plastic packaging.

Why? Because I’ve noticed that while saying no to plastic take away items has become second nature to both Steve and I, plastic packaging has crept back in to our lives under the guise of “it’s OK, I can take that back to the shops and pop it in the RedCycle bin”. True, yes, but probably not the best excuse. I mean, did I really need that packet of crackers/crumpets/biscuits? Actually, I probably did because I have a toddler who never stops eating – and they were delicious – but my point is that we could have made all those things ourselves quite easily.

See case in point here and here.

Throughout July I’ll also be running a Plastic Free July profile blog series to keep the inspiration going. Watch this space!

To get you started you can also read my profile with Erin Rhoads here. Erin’s book Waste Not is set to launch on July 1.

So here we go again – will you be joining us?


Need some more inspiration?

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These instagram accounts:

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These podcasts:

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These tv shows, films and Ted X talks:

War on Waste

A Plastic Ocean

Before the Flood

Lauren Singer TED Talk

Bea Johnson TED Talk

Lindsay Miles TED Talk


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