Here we are almost halfway through May, and I realised this little listicle has been sitting unpublished for a while. April was quite the month. Birthdays and funerals and quiet home days and weekends so busy they left us all exhausted and reeling. Work ramped up, I graduated as a yoga teacher and added a third job to an already packed life. Yet despite all that I’d say it was a great month. A month of mellow sunshine and rainy days and general contentment (sidelined with a wee bit of anxious overwhelm. Because that’s how I roll).

Anyway, here you go.

Making: Music playlists. So many playlists. Music is really hitting the spot at the moment. I go through times when I just want silence or only podcasts will do, but at the moment it’s tunes I crave. Jazz and rock and punk and old school and blues with the odd version of wiggerly woo thrown in for the little man to dance enthusiastically to.

Cooking: The past two months have seen my “busy-ness” scale go through the roof, with some moments of overwhelm setting in. So cooking has become a happy yet simpler space. More batch cooking of things like bolognese, soup and risotto to stock up the freezer a little, and a little more grace with myself (ourselves? Because Steve is also regularly a fiend in the kitchen) to simply open a bottle rather than going totally from scratch. Plus these are feel good comfort dishes for me when paired with crusty, buttery bread or delicious roast veggies.

Drinking: Chai slowly boiled on the stove, fresh peppermint tea, kombucha, and red wine. Oh and after re-reading Slow I’m also craving a good Old Fashioned.

Reading: Ah the joys of being introduced to Borrowbox. I’ve always been an avid user of the library, but now I can get books straight to my phone and e-reader from the comfort of the couch. It’s glorious! April saw me bingeing on Sarah J Maas, beginning American Gods, flicking through The Simple Home and loving on Grown and Gathered. Re-reading that I’m starting to think I may have concentration problems, because that’s a wide range of genres!20180420_091831.jpg

Wanting: As always, a house of our own is up here. Our little rental is icy in winter (and considering we’re in Brisbane, which hardly has a winter that’s saying something). However the search continues! So let’s throw something a little more original in here – how about a good piece of coconut cake, some raw chocolate and a nice glass of shiraz?

Playing: All the music. From our wedding playlist to stealing tunes from friends (thanks Spotify!) A sick toddler overdosing on TV at the beginning of the month has seen us turn the TV off for extended periods – I’m talking days here. But that’s been a boon as the reduction in screen time has seen my overwhelm lessen, the return of a happier child willing to play by himself a little longer and fun family dinners where we all boogie in our seats become the norm.

Deciding: Whether to buy a learning tower or a kitchen helper. We need something a little more sturdy than a dining chair for the little dude to stand on while helping us cook. He’s into everything, plus we’ve noticed he’ll often grab things off the chopping board and have a little taste if he’s helping us cook. Wins all round.
Update: I bought a kitchen helper secondhand off gumtree.

Enjoying: Listening to music, reading books and living life a bit more in alignment with my cycle. Let’s be realistic, I can’t enter a red tent for a few days every month because life and responsibilities beckon. But simply being more aware of what is happening has been hugely helpful. Check out this blog or Claire’s Adore Your Cycle audiobook. And on the topic of audiobooks, how did I not know how awesome they are! I’ve been putting them on while I cook, while I drive or while I walk.

Loving: See Borrowbox above. SO many books!

Buying: The most divine mug from Sit Still Lauren Ceramics. I generally don’t like to buy things I don’t need, but this beautiful mug I simply had to have.


Watching: Does Masterchef count? It feels like life has stopped Steve and I settling on the couch too often lately.

Marvelling: The the little man is now two. The last year has simply flown by. Also marvelling that I successfully made a car cake. Cake decorating is not a skillset I own.

Smelling: The freshly brewed coffee next to me, the essential oil diffuser on the bookshelf. Brilliant combo! Later, I’m hoping for grass and trees.


Admiring: The brains, imagination and talent of Neil Gaiman. Whenever I read Jasper Fforde’s books I spend days just astounded at how his brain works and I’ve added Neil to that list. Also admiring the ladies around me. They keep me sane and grounded and I’m loving this support network so much at the moment.

Giggling: At Aladdin. A group of girlfriends and I finally managed to coordinate dinner and a show together and it was glorious. The introduction of small kids into our lives has made these catch ups more rare. Also at the conversations that arise with a toddler. I’m laughing at (and talking about) poo more than I thought I ever would.

Snacking: Apples, cheese and crackers, raw chocolate, dates, corn chips, homemade banana bread. All are hitting the spot at the moment.

Hearing: The neighbour unloading his truck, this playlist while I write and work, and the winds that promise winter will soon be here rustling through the trees.


Now over to you, how was your April?

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