March in Brisbane. It’s sweltering in the end of summer heat while looking longingly at comfy jeans and jumpers. It’s dog-earing comforting stews and soups while munching on salad. It’s revelling in the lull between Christmas and Easter, often while enjoying a hot cross bun (because they’ve been in the shops for months). It’s gearing up to teach those first yoga classes to understanding friends. It’s final days spent at the beach and in creeks – for me at least. I’m married to a southerner who will be swimming for months yet. It’s getting sick for the first time in years and remembering why you used to prioritse your health, and resolving to find your way back there. It’s getting lost in good books, good music, good conversations, and prizing your lady tribe that bit more. It’s attempting to sink your fingers into the dirt in between days of rain in the hope of resurrecting your veggie patch.

March. It’s been good.

Cooking: Roast dinners – Steve, not me. The slightest cooling in the weather has made it more bearable to turn the oven on, so we’re eating up (with a good side of veg, Yorkshire puddings and homemade gravy). I’ve also been baking healthier goods. The little man has inherited my sweet tooth and I’m trying to offset crazy sugar toddler meltdowns with wholefood options. Thank you Heidi Apples and Sarah Bell!
Drinking: Summer bevvies all around. G&Ts with grapefruit, sparkling water with lime, kombucha. Lots of water! Plus chai slowly brewed on the stove top, or a good strong cup of tea have really been hitting the spot lately.
Reading: So. Much. Reading. March kicked off with a friend lending me the Delirium YA series that I devoured. Then I grudgingly made my way through The Dressmaker of Dachau (I’ll admit it may have been well written but that didn’t stop my frustration with the protagonist) before starting The Celestine Prophecy. And that’s before we get to blogs. I spent the better part of 2 days devouring the entire Owlet blog. If you’re a parent, environmentally conscious or crafty then you will love it.


Wanting: Cooler weather! Although autumn beach weather is also divine.

Playing: Normally this would be music, but the little man has discovered imaginative play so we spend our days racing cars around the house or playing with animals. I’m trying to convince him that forts and pillow towers are the best, but he’s yet to be won over.

Deciding: Whether to take on my Yin yoga training. I very much want to, but there are some big expenses looming for us on the horizon.

Wishing: For a large veggie garden, complete with herbal tea garden. And throw in some fruit trees while you’re at it. Actually some knowledge about this would be a boon too.

Enjoying: This stage of toddlerhood. So many words and concepts are being picked up daily, and although I have quite a few deep breath moments that normally occur when he’s lying face down on the floor and screaming, the hilarity of his antics normally outweigh them.

Waiting: For autumn to finally settle! Here in the subtropics we have 2 seasons – maybe 3 at a stretch. Autumn brings with it mellow golden sunshine, deeper blue skies and a chill in the morning air. As much as I love summer, I’m ready to not spend my days wandering around in rather smelly t-shirts (or my underwear, let’s be honest).

Liking: The greater awareness that seems to be happening regarding our environment and our society’s reliance on single use plastics. It’s so inspiring!


Wondering: Whether this is the year we go on a proper holiday that involves travel. We used to do this at least annually and the wanderlust is strong in our house.

Pondering: What it is we want in a house, and likewise what we want in a lifestyle. Big house = larger mortgage and forced work, so less time spent enjoying said house. Smaller house = flexibility to live life on our terms but potential to outgrow it more quickly. Near the beach/creek/land means more time spent outdoors and less reliance on a yard. It’s a big decision, you know?

Considering: How to implement two days of studying with Elena Brower into my own yoga teaching. I think it will start with good karma yoga classes in a few weeks. Watch this space.

Buying: Not much. Our attempts at frugal hedonism and conscious consumerism mean we think carefully about outlaying our dollars. Does food count?

Watching: Before the Flood. I’d seen it before but convinced Steve to watch it. His reaction – it was good but terrifying. This then led to many discussions about our society, our reliance on fossils fuels and consumerism. Very inspiring.

Marvelling: At how lovely being barefoot in nature feels. I shun shoes most days unless they’re necessay, and a jaunt to our local creek had Steve and I both wading around in knee deep water before running up to the park so Jman could run around and play on the slide. Being outdoors is glorious.


Cringing: At my attempts at sewing. My brother bought me a sewing machine for Christmas and the first time I whipped it out I forgot to thread the bobbin. I think this may be a lengthy process.

Questioning: At how much to share of my son’s life online. Since his birth we’ve asked friends and family to not share photos of him on any social media platform without asking first (and private info is a strict no go zone), and the older he gets the more protective I’m becoming. It must be hard to be growing up in a digital age where little is sacred or private. But at the same time I want to yell about his antics for all to hear. So I think I’ll settle for these little snippets.

Smelling: Rain with hot bitumen. Distinctly summer-ish.

Wearing: I think I need to delete this prompt as my answer never changes.

Noticing: How short my attention span has become – thanks smartphone! I’m going to enforce a digital detox and a time limit methinks. Plus during time spent with family I’m beginning to notice we’ll all be there staring into our screens instead of bonding.

Thinking: It’s time to get my knitting needles out again. I cant knit much, but surely everyone needs a scarf?! Or maybe i’ll try macrame or crocheting. I’m feeling very creative, which if you follow Claire Baker’s work you’ll know is a clear indicator of where I’m at with my cycle.

Admiring: The honesty with which some people will share their lives – examples here and here . It’s beautiful and inspiring.

Bookmarking: See reading above. This blog has me hooked!

Disliking: Society’s obsession with stuff. I’m currently decluttering our house (yet again) and am appalled at how much useless rubbish has entered in the two years since I did a decent clear out. I know a lot of it has been given in good spirit and generosity, but arg!


Feeling: Like it’s time to attempt making a fancy birthday cake for a looming toddler birthday.

Hearing: Music. I’m off the podcast bandwagon and am revisiting old favourite tunes – classical, anything from the 90s, garage bands my dad got me hooked on, Paul Simon’s Graceland after Steve was disgusted about my lack of knowledge. Plus it’s cute when Jman runs to grab his guitar and rock out with me.

Now over to you. How did March treat you?

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