Can we take a second to reflect on just how quickly this summer went by? Two minutes ago it was Christmas and now it’s autumn and Easter products have been in the shops for months (not that I’m complaining. I know it’s probably not cool to be eating hot cross buns for months on end, but seriously how can you not?!)

It’s been a good summer. We beached and waterfalled. We ate and drank and explored Brisbane and spent time with family and watched summer storms roll in of an evening. But any Brisbanite will tell you by the time February hits we’ve reached a new high when it comes to humidity and it sometimes feels like the heat is unrelenting. I’m looking forward to a bit of freshness in the mornings so I can bring back morning walks and basic daily activities that don’t leave me looking like a drowned rat.

Now to the month’s happenings and a few more prompts to make things fresh.

Cooking: barbecues, simply because some days it’s too hot to turn on the stove inside the house! But when we have been cooking inside it’s been roasts (to set us up with meat for the week, and a carcass to go towards homemade stock), pasta – bolognese or this one that we then changed up by adding fresh salmon too.
Drinking: water, kombucha, chilled peppermint tea, and gin with tonic and grapefruit. I’m normally a lime girl, but a friend introduced me to this combo and I love it. I’ve also snuck out for a few solo coffees at Just Earth Fairtrade.
Reading: Lianne’ Moriarty’s The Last Anniversary. I love Lianne’s books. You can binge on them in a few days. I’ve also gone back to some favourite blogs like this one which is great if you want to work in sync with your cycle, and this one for environmental inspiration. I’ve also got this book next to my bed ready to go. I’ve heard great things about it.
Wanting: A reasonably priced kitchenaid mixer – is there such a thing? Predominantly for the pasta roller right now, as we made pasta from scratch recently and after being pleasantly surprised about how easy it was I think it’ll be added to the menu.

Playing: the dinner playlist from our wedding. Steve and I spent quite a while curating spotify playlists for our wedding and I’ve been loving this one again. A great mix of jazz and old school 1960s garage band tunes.
Deciding: What to do next now I’ve finished my 100hr yoga teacher training. Maybe yin training, maybe level 2 training. Maybe free women-focused community classes held in a park to help me get experience. Watch this space! Or better yet let me know what you’d prefer.
Wishing: For the perfect house to appear on the market. Steve and I have been watching for something that catches our eye, but we’ve hit that snag of everything in our price range either gets snapped up very quickly or needs a lot of work done to it. We’re both very much at the stage where we want to have a place of our own, and a garden of our own to potter around in.

Enjoying: This stage of toddlerdom. Although it could also be filed under “sometimes making me wish it’s socially appropriate to drink in the morning”. The little man is so cheeky and funny, picking up so many words and mannerisms each day and regularly leaving me in stitches of laughter.
Loving: My Saturday nights. These have turned into our “date nights”, where he cooks something incredible, we drink wine and watch a movie. It’s taken a while to relax fully into this new life, but man is it comfy.
Buying: Not much. In addition to house savings I’ve got a few things I’m saving up for at the moment. Proper adult things too, like new upholstery for our dining chairs that were inherited from Steve’s Grandad. There’s no way I’m experimenting on reupholstering them myself!
Watching: Plebs. And some more Plebs. And Britannia when I want to break things up. I first watched the series when I was pregnant and loved it, but let’s just say pregnancy hormones didn’t make me the brightest crayon in the box so it’s been great to enjoy the series again and discover it really is as funny as I remembered it. Now to re-read The Handmaid’s Tale, because the entire point of that book went over my head thanks to the third trimester dulling of my mental faculties.
Wondering: If the sourdough starter I made earlier this month will actually work. It seems just a little too easy. I followed the recipe from The Real Food Companion and so far it hasn’t grown a new species of mould. Only time will tell – or some really sub par bread.

Marvelling: At how awesome the human body is. I weaned the little boy on February 3, ending our breastfeeding journey a few months before I originally meant to. We’d actually had a very smooth breastfeeding journey but when Jman was still coming to me at 18 months when he was hungry/thirsty rather than turning to food and water, and waking repeatedly overnight out of habit we decided it was time to take steps so I began weaning last October. It was time (and I had been struggling to keep weight on for a while as it was, without even factoring in chasing after a toddler). We had reduced down to one feed a day when my body decided to give out – cracked nipples, blocked milk ducts – you get the idea. Yet within a few days of fully weaning everything had gone back to how it used to be, just a little less… perky.
Needing: Some new threads. My current day-to-day uniform consists of a comfy t-shirt and denim shorts. However, after 7 years, a few overseas trips and now almost daily use the shorts are on their last legs and are well stretched out and saggy. But I also hate shopping, so… conundrum!
Questioning: About our relationship with throwaway items. After interviewing Erin Rhoads I was inspired to recommit to refusing single use plastic. Then that same afternoon I gave my pyrex containers to the butcher, only to have the meat put into plastic bags and then into my containers. He had missed the point and laughed at the explanation. Ah well, sometimes people need a bit of time to understand it.
Bookmarking: This healthy eating quiz. Steve and I both took it and have been discussing it a lot. We both like Clare’s approach to healthy eating – and it doesn’t mention “clean” eating once. Love it! We’re also considering doing her free course sometime this year.
Disliking: The constant questioning about when we’ll procreate again. Enough said!
Anticipating: My two-day workshop with Elena Brower in a few weeks at Shri Yoga. I discovered Elena years ago via Yogaglo and loved her teaching style, then when I became a parent I found this talk of hers. It really resonated with me.

Phew! What a listicle – kudos to you if you’ve made it this far!

Now over to you. How did February treat you?

Life inspired by Heidi (and in turn by Pip).

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