If you’ve ever been to Queensland’s Gold Coast, chances are you’ve migrated south a little and chilled out on the sand at Burleigh Heads.

The village-like atmosphere has attracted hipsters and the healthy lifestyle crowd in truckloads. Recently Steve and I were lucky enough to spend a weekend here, thanks to my mother-in-law.

Ah Burleigh. You’ve long held my heart. My family spent weeks each summer in a family-owned holiday house perfectly located between main beach and Tallebudgera Creek. Lazy summer days began at dawn when my mad keen body-boarding brothers would be up and raring to go. We’d head down, and jump in the waves for a few hours, and after lunch and nap would walk through Burleigh Mountain to Tallebudgera Creek where we’d try and stop our dog from stealing fish from fishing lines. Sometimes we’d head to the hobby shop in the arcade and, if we were really lucky, get Montezumas for dinner. Yep, this was long before it became the trendy little village it is now. They were lazy, hazy days that we all hold dear.

But back to our most recent flying visit.


There were sunsets over water that needed no filter, that were enjoyed with a beer and a prosecco. There was breakfast and coffee at Social Brew on James Street. I had the mushrooms and thyme and Steve had savoury mince. The little man nibbled at his housemade fruit toast before deciding he really wanted my haloumi and the kitchen was happy enough to make off the menu bacon and eggs for my mother in law.



A hurricane hovering off the coast meant the beach was too rough for us to swim in (although admittedly, from the number of surfers there it was a great swell). So we hightailed it to Tallebudgera Creek for a wade, excited waves at “big boats” that passed us, and an ice cream before beginning the trek north on the highway.


It was quiet, uneventful, relaxing and a great way to reconnect with each other (and for me to deep breathe through my feelings, with the assistance of a glass of prosecco, as it also marked the first day of a fully weaned toddler).

It’s these little snippets away, where you forget to get your phone out for decent stretches of time (that may make the blog suffer, but make your head and heart happy) that make my soul sing at the moment!

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