Desiring: A good long bike ride to somewhere that offers up a delicious brunch. Steve got a bike for Christmas so we invested in a secondhand bike trailer for the little dude and have been heading out for family adventures pretty regularly. It’s been great, and definitely something I can see us continuing to do for years to come.

Loving: These long summer evenings. Since putting family dinners in place (Jasper seems to eat more if we sit down with him. Actually who am I kidding, he just likes stealing food from our forks) we’ve been eating much earlier but these longs evenings mean there’s still plenty of light to run around in the yard playing footy or cricket while waiting for dinner to cook. It also makes pottering around in the garden lovely too, especially now my veggie patch is regularly offering up fresh tomatoes, beans and eggplants.

Happenings: What didn’t we do? The festive season was crazy here, although I’m sure everyone would say the same. We feasted, we visited, we explored and we lazed. During the holidays we spent time with both our families over Christmas before spending a week in and around Byron. Hot tip – Byron is ridiculous at that time of year, so we spent most days at Lennox. Lake Ainsworth is the perfect place to swim with a young child (who decided to name it “big pool” – too cute) and Steve also took us to Ballina where the rock pools were a great place to play. I think I was the more excited out of all of us when Steve showed me cunjevois that spurted water when pressed. I ran around squealing and having fun while Steve looked on and commented that I really was a city girl. Ah well, it’s the little things.

It was also really great to spend time somewhere we didn’t feel like we had to rush around and see things. Steve still refers to it as home, and it has come to be my second home – so we could slow right down and enjoy days spent with friends. It was also beautiful because my family comes from the area too, and it’s nice to picture my grandfather the same age as my son, being paid pennies to swear by the regulars at the pub his grandparents owned. Or as a mischievous teen deciding to rearrange the harness of a horse tied up to a rail. The owner came out to find the horse on one side and the wagon on the other.

We’ve also been waterfall chasing closer to home. I strapped the little man to my back and we hiked up to Cedar Creek Falls and went swimming with the rest of Brisbane. It had been an unusually hot day and we were all grumpy and tetchy, so the water was the perfect antidote.


Eating: Mangoes. Lots of them. As well as barbecue dinners because it’s too hot to turn the oven on some nights.

Drinking: Water. Lots of it. As well as herbal teas, especially nettle tea to help with my iron levels, and a cheeky glass of prosecco because it’s summer.

Hearing: Oddly enough a lot of Yo-yo Ma. I’ve had his Unacommpanied Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major on repeat for months, and then while watching Captain Fantastic with Steve recently a character mentioned it. We put it on the next day and it’s become a regular soundtrack to our dinners. Side note: has anyone seen Captain Fantastic? Is it an interesting commentary on our society or the writer’s fanciful dreaming of what he thinks parenthood could /should be like?

Reading: Ahh holidays. Afternoons have been spent reading a lot and this habit has carried on throughout January. And let me tell you, it has been a good month for library books!
First up was Marian Keyes’ latest The Break, which was witty and little heartbreaking, like most of her books. Then there was Caroline Overington’s The Lucky One, which I could take or leave to be honest, before I devoured The Silver Well (a collection of short stories by Kim WIlkins and Kate Forsyth) and Katherine Arden’s The Bear and The Nightingale. Now I’m left with that lingering finished book hangover feeling while I try to find another page turner. Feel free to throw suggestions my way!

Watching: A friend put me onto Lovesick recently, which I’m loving, and Steve and I are switching between season 4 of Vikings and the second season of Stranger Things. American Gods is also on the horizon.

Update: We finished Vikings and are about to hit up season 5. We’re hooked.

Wearing: I’m back in my well-worn uniform of denim shorts and t-shirts (oh hi Brisbane summer!) But a few summer dresses are being thrown in the mix when I head into the office. It’s nice to feel like an adult a few days a week, put make up on, attempt to style my hair, go almost an entire day without being covered in food and/or snot and drink a cup of tea that’s actually hot.

Savouring: Slower days at home. The festive season was a bit hectic and we normally factored in car naps while driving around. But now Steve and I are both back at work I feel us slipping back into our regular rhythm and it’s lovely. Most days will involve a long walk while listening to a podcast (broken up by a park visit) and then whatever errands we need to do, some cooking and work or study for me and an afternoon spent in the yard. It’s almost impossible to get the little dude to spend more than half an hour inside at the moment.


Ruminating: About quite a few things actually.

The first is taking the big step and buying a house. We decided to move overseas when most people our age were buying houses – something I’ve never regretted, and I’d do again in a heartbeat. But that means we’re also looking to enter the market when houses are a lot more expensive and the competition is more fierce. But now we’ve got the deposit we aimed for we’re being proper adults and looking around. It’s equally exciting and terrifying.

The second is about our aspirations for the year. Not resolutions, aspirations. Big difference. Steve and I agree that January 1 shouldn’t be a date where you decide on all the things that you “must” do before inevitably forgetting about them before February. Rather, just take the jump and do it regardless of the date. For us that looks like travel, hopefully to Tasmania but also potentially overseas; buying a house (see above); my teaching yoga classes and potentially investing in more training in either yin or pre and postnatal yoga; more writing and blogging. And then there’s lighter things like making pasta from scratch. Steve has also put out there he’d like to do a few online courses.

Now over to you – how has the month treated you?

Life inspired by Heidi (and in turn by Pip).


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